Colin Behan's Triumph Spitfire MkIV

my Triumph Spitfire MkIV and information on original prices and accessories

Laid up in Ireland 

In 1995 I moved to Ireland, where the high cost of insurance meant the car had to be stored.


After 4 years, I couldn't bear to not drive OTT any longer and decided to come back to the UK. I packed the car up on December 29th 1994 and headed for the ferry at Dublin port. 

I had arranged insurance and pre booked an MOT in England for the morning of the 30th. (Under UK law it is an offense to drive a vehicle without a valid MOT or tax unless you are on the way to a prearranged MOT)

The ferry trip should have lasted three and a half hours, but due to storms we didn't reach Holyhead for 22 hours. At one point I was called to the car deck as OTT was rolling about. Luckily I was parked with the trucks and no damage was done. When we landed I was seriously behind schedule to keep my MOT appointment.

After stopping in Bangor to let my parents know I was on dry (but snowy) land I was stopped by the police for driving without a tax disc. Needless to say he was unsympathetic to my plight and claims that I was obeying the law and decided to prosecute me. (After conducting my own defense, charges were dropped.)

The remainder of the journey was passed without incident although by the time I arrived in Slough it was New Years Eve.